Welcome Friends!

Curated by Cice was born out of a dire need to get out of my head and out of my own way. After trying many other self-care methods to calm my anxiety with no relief, I finally discovered the power of journaling. For the first time since probably childhood, I had finally found peace and connection within myself. It was liberating! Before long, I couldn't wait to get to the part of my day when I could sit down with just me, my thoughts, and my journal. 

Now let me first say, If I’m being transparent, it was not liberation at first write. My journaling journey went a bit more like this: 

Day one was easy; I was motivated and excited. 

Day two,  accomplished; I was smashing healthy habits. 

On day three, I didn’t feel like journaling at all and came up with some pretty good excuses not to write. 

On day 4, I dropped the ball and supplemented my writing with TV. 

Day five, nothing. 

On day six, I was back with a pen and began my journey into journaling.

As you can see, I did not start as the most consistent journaler. In the beginning, journaling felt more like a chore than an everyday self-care activity. But as time passed, I became less concerned about what I wrote and more about the time I gave myself to write. With time, I learned to enjoy the experience and even look forward to it. 

I share my story to say the journey to self-care is not always easy, and rarely is it perfect or consistent, but the more you stick with it, the easier it will become to carve out a piece of your day to connect with yourself (my time is usually at the end of the day, preferably with a glass of wine).

Our journals and planners are curated for anyone looking to prioritize their self-care. Whether you are a self-care newbie or a divinely centered soul, our mission is to meet you where you are at and support you as you walk along your wellness journey. Remember that self-care, like everything in life, is a journey. Along the way, you will have moments where you stumble and sometimes even fall, moments you’ll want to capture forever and ones you want to forget as quickly as possible. The truth is life is a series of moments, and by finding time to put yourself first in each day, you will learn how to find yourself in each of life’s moments.

We hope you embrace your self-care journey unapologetically. May you find freedom between the pages, self-love on each line, and yourself between the covers. 

Thank you for choosing us to ride along with you on this journey. 

With Love and Connection,

Ciera Ellison

CEO and Founder